Sex Doll Australia and WM Doll

Sex Doll Australia first joined and partnered with WM Doll back in 2015 and since then Sex Doll Australia has been at the forefront of WM Doll with strong promotions and showcasing their amazing love dolls. Today Sex Doll Australia has now become premier partners with WM Doll.

WM Doll Worldwide

WM Doll are the largest TPE love doll supplier in the world. That’s right the largest of the lot and most well known. WM Doll’s first major success was their ‘Angel Doll’ that was their flagship doll and the very doll that put WM Doll on the map! Since then they have been producing amazing beautiful dolls that have inspired the doll community and its customers overall. They have also developed sex dolls overtime to include many enhancements but also two very important kinds such as gel breast and most recently and perhaps the most important the articulated hand. Before this was invented they only used wires for fingers therefore it was unrealistic and flimsy. Because articulated fingers was created it mean the hands replicate a human hand with finger ‘bones’ so this isn’t just an upgrade but a win for sex doll evolution. WM Doll has also featured in the 2021 documentary called Ascension.

Sex Doll Australia visit to WM Doll in China

Sex Doll Australia has been lucky enough to be invited to China twice to visit the WM Doll factory and took the opportunity both times to visit and see how love dolls are made as well as spend time with staff and thank them for the support received. On the second trip Andrew brought his camera and filmed his journey through the largest love doll factory on the planet. We only had time to film certain areas and other areas where off limits for filming, these areas were research and development. If you want to see our factory tour video see below

WM Doll’s Counterfeit Problem

When you are the largest TPE sex doll supplier in the world that WM Doll are… you can’t expect to be problem free in respect to your product being counterfeited. WM Doll with its success has been a large target for having their dolls copied and reproduced as clear fakes that are sold all over the world. To combat this WM Doll provides a certificate to allow customers to validate their doll with an online checker which you can check here. Most WM Doll fakes are so bad in quality and appearance one would argue that a certificate is not needed on those dolls to even check as most can’t even compare to the appearance, quality and calibre of a WM Doll. If you see really cheap dolls online that try to resemble WM Doll you will know its a fake. Fake dolls also have untested and unapproved TPE so can be unfit for human consumption in respect to touch so be careful when shopping out there.  

Buy WM Doll from Sex Doll Australia

There are a few channels and ways to get a WM Doll into your arms from us. Firstly you can choose your favourite WM Doll from our In Stock area that has WM Dolls here in Melbourne so already landed in Australia and ready to go out. Customers can have their WM Doll sent Australia wide (free shipping) and receive fast. Alternatively, customers can click and collet or even visit our Melbourne showroom in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne to take a look and buy the doll in person.  If we don’t have the particular model of doll in our in stock area that you like you can always purchase from our customise WM Doll area, here you choose any doll you like and any option you like to customise your doll exactly how you like and order this way.