TPE Dolls vs Silicone Dolls

TPE Dolls and Silicone Dolls What is the Difference?

We talked a little about this on our FAQ page and pointed out the key features between the two. As a chemical compound what separates them is that TPE is porous and Silicone is non-porous. Knowing this as a basis, let’s kick off with some other interesting properties that they both have that set them apart.


TPE is warmer, more stretchy and softer which are all positive attributes that Silicone doesn’t have but silicone on the other hand can achieve more realism, again the sharper edges it has that is required for the minute skin details and edges required for crafting the sculptures.

Silicone is fine in the hot bath as the material doesn’t react poorly to the heat and TPE doesn’t hold up too well in these conditionals, a cold-water treatment is best for TPE dolls with washing the outside of the doll. Warm soapy water still ok for TPE with cleaning the vaginal or anal areas.

No one likes a cold doll so this is always a something that will hinder the silicone doll purchase however we do strongly recommend getting an electric blanket from big w or kmart or wherever and warming the outside. We highly recommend this as the dolls that are sold with internal heating have known to have faults and melt the doll and this naturally raises safety concerns too this s why we don’t sell internal heated dolls, its too risky. Our electric blanket idea we think is not only a simpler and easier solution, but it will warm the OUTER PARTS of the doll, the parts you touch like breast and bum etc.

Whereas the internal heated dolls have been known to keep the heat inside, customers need heating more on the outside where its being touched so the simpler solution is the best.

The Oil Factor

In regard to scent TPE considered to be more on the oliy side so most likely to have a scent while Silicone lighter on the scent. You may see some dolls being advertised as ‘oil free’ this is a common misconception, the TPE does need oil much like human skin it keeps it moisture, some dolls on the market has been advertised a ‘new oil free TPE’ this means the TPE is extra dry and the material having no oil at all dries and breaks. A good TPE doll with have oil but not sweat all the time and hold it well.


The weight, although TPE being porous you would think would be the lighter material its actually not as Silicone is lighter. They match up close but generally Silicone dolls are lighter than TPE dolls.


TPE is easier to stain than Silicone. This is because TPE being porous is more susceptible to receiving the stain. We sell TPE repair glue and TPE stain remover to help out in these areas but Silicone not absorb so well so its better in respect to stains.


If you are a makeup fan and love to repaint and redo your dolls make up and wondering about the difference here with TPE dolls and Silicone dolls then its good to know that TPE is better with reapplying make up and redesigning, as mentioned above with staining, the TPE will absorb better so in turn make up is better.


Longevity will favour the silicone dolls however this is not to say TPE isn’t strong or will not last long as it is very durable and as stretchy will last a very long time it is just that the silicone compound overall is a tougher material so would out live the TPE counterpart. Between TPE and Silicone dolls if kept right and looked after then you will be able to keep for a long time.


Consider this, if you were to cut and carve a face from a sponge you can get a realistic look and still have sharper edges but if you were to for example take non-porous material like glass that has fine edges then you are able to craft more precise lines making an overall more realistic look. So you might make the comparison form a sponge to glass with this.

The Verdict, Which is Better?

That’s a tough one to answer we afraid as they are quite different so like a lot of things in these areas it really comes down to taste. We can say one thing… the year 2020 will be big for silicone as a lot of the gripes that Silicone dolls have had like being hard are changing and being changed with new ideas like putting gel inside the breast pockets so it feels exactly as soft as real breasts while being measured precisely in the gel buoyancy but definitely more to come on this that we will post so watch out on our Sex Doll Blog.

TPE Sex Doll vs Silicone Sex Dolls Chart by Sex Doll Australia
We have created our very own comparison chart to map out the key differences between TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls.

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