Silicone Dolls vs TPE Sex Dolls

TPE vs Silicone Dolls

When it comes to choosing a love doll, there are two materials to consider: TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone. Well actually, up until now there was two but now Zelex has invented a new material called ‘SLE’ that we can cover at the end of this article.

Each material has its own unique properties and benefits, making the decision a matter of personal preference. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of TPE and silicone love dolls, helping you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and desires. When it comes to TPE dolls WM is the brand leader for TPE and the biggest in the world for TPE dolls. While Zelex is emerging as the leader for Silicone dolls and arguably have the most realistic sex dolls in the world. Yes that’s right if you are looking for the most realistic sex doll in the world look no further than Zelex.

TPE Sex Dolls (WM Brand): Softness and Affordability

TPE, which stands for thermoplastic elastomer, is a blend of plastic and rubber. It is known for its softness and flexibility, making it a popular choice for love dolls. One of the major advantages of TPE dolls is their affordability. Due to the lower production costs, TPE dolls are generally more budget-friendly compared to their silicone counterparts.

Pros of TPE Love Dolls

Softness: TPE dolls have a soft and lifelike feel, providing a realistic tactile experience.

Flexibility: The flexibility of TPE allows for a wide range of positions and movements, enhancing the doll’s versatility.

Realistic to a point: TPE dolls are realistic and WM brand is the best most realistic of TPE dolls overall however if you pit a TPE doll against a Silicone doll in a realism race the Silicone doll will come out in front. This is because TPE is porous material and Silicone is not.

Affordability: Buying a TPE doll wont break your budget they are cheaper than Silicone dolls.

Repairability: TPE dolls can be invisibly mended using TPE solvent, making it possible to fix minor damages or remove stains using TPE stain remover.

Pros of WM TPE Dolls

WM being established for many years infact one of the early pioneers from China it has a long standing history and recognition in the love doll arena. Their skeletal frames are extra strong as they use a more durable version of steel than others which makes their frames super strong with force. Having such a long standing history they have the widest selection of doll types and looks hands down so sport the largest range you will find anywhere. This means putting together your dream doll is easy as you have so much to work with and chop and change. An other added bonus is the fact that you can change make up on your own as well as change eye types and colours so there is even a further extra layer of customisation to be taken advantage of.

Cons of TPE Love Dolls

Durability: TPE dolls are generally less durable compared to silicone dolls, making them more prone to damage and wear over time.

Staining and Stickiness: TPE is more prone to staining and can feel sticky to the touch. Regular cleaning and the use of baby powder or corn starch can help alleviate this issue.

Maintenance: TPE requires maintenance as advised every now and then its wise to apply talcum powder to bring the doll back to its fresh state. If not undertaken the dolls surface can start to feel tacky.

Oil Factor: Can bleed oil under certain conditions. All dolls need oil much like our skin does, if our own skin is too dry it cracks the same applies to love dolls. A good brand like WM strikes the balance well as being not too oily and not to dry, this is a good TPE doll. Having said that, any TPE doll having oil can actually lead to some bleeding, it can especially occur in extreme heat and is more prone when the doll is brand new.

Limitation on realism:

WM is the most realistic of TPE but TPE being TPE and porous has a limit to the realism. The simple fact that its cant do skin textures already throws it out of the competition when comparing to a silicone doll that can. So TPE is as good as the curves it makes but lacks the finer details.

Silicone Sex Dolls (Zelex): Realism and Durability

Silicone is a polymer made from silicon, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. It is known for its realistic look and durability, making it a popular choice for sex dolls. Although silicone dolls are generally more expensive, their long-lasting quality and realistic features make them an attractive option for many doll enthusiasts.

Zelex Silicone Doll

Zelex Silicone Doll

Pros of Silicone Love Dolls

Realism: Silicone dolls are highly realistic, with fine details in the vagina and anus, giving a more authentic experience. Unlike TPE that is porous, Silicone is not so it can do the finest of details such as skin paws and blemish points just name a few. This becomes a gamechanger in realism.

Durability: Silicone dolls are more resistant to damage, water, and staining compared to TPE dolls, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Heat Resistance: Silicone is less sensitive to heat and retains less warmth, providing a more comfortable experience during use.

Easy to Clean: Silicone dolls are easier to clean and less hassle.

Minimal Maintenance: Silicone dolls require less maintenance compared to TPE dolls.

Pros of Zelex Silicone Dolls

In addition to above, Zelex also have real touch silicone so not only does the dolls skin textures look exactly true to the human form but it also has the touch of skin. A special insert option is also available in the inspiration series so you can change the vagina’s internal cavity to choose your favourite sensation. Currently there are 3 kinds.

Cons of Silicone Love Dolls

Firmness: Silicone dolls are generally firmer compared to TPE dolls, which may not be as cuddly or soft for some individuals.

Cost: Silicone dolls are more expensive than TPE dolls, making them less accessible for those on a tighter budget.

Lack of Jiggle: Silicone dolls do not have the same “jiggle factor” as TPE dolls, requiring gel implants to achieve a more realistic feel, for Zelex silicone dolls gel implants are present in breast and bum.

Repair: Repairing can be difficult for rips and tears specifically. Unlike TPE that have TPE repair glue with Silicone dolls it is a little more complicated. It requires more setup and is harder to access the repair glues used for silicone dolls.

New SLE Material invented by Zelex

Zelex Doll has recently introduced a game-changing innovation known as the SLE (Safety-Less Vinyl Elastomer) material. This revolutionary material and market disrupter, offers a unique combination of softness and realism, making it a new and interesting choice for doll fans that we have not witnessed before.

Pros of Zelex SLE

Affordability: The goal was to provide the realism of silicone but the price of TPE and well that is what they have achieved.

Realism: SLE has the realism of any luxury silicone doll.

Softness: Although SLE resides in the silicone family it is a heavily modified form of silicone that is softer than standard silicone.

Cons of Zelex SLE

Customisation: Unable to customise, they are sold ‘as is’ this is part of the reason of bringing the price down. They are also sold only as in stock and no drop shipping.

Lack of choice: Well this is down to it being new, so far there are only about 12 to chose from but the catalogue is growing!

For more information on Zelex SLE we have a dedicated article here

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