Showroom Gallery

Prepare for your visit!

Tell us which doll you are interested in from our In stock doll range so we can prepare the doll for you to see. If you are not sure which one to see or get then please let us know your preference and we can recommend the doll for you. We also have many sex doll heads in stock so you can customise your doll by choosing the body and head separately from our in stock range.

Not in Victoria? No worries! even though it’s hard to make the trip for those outside Victoria, we can still emulate the same experience via photos and videos of what is in stock for you so its almost like attending a showroom visit. Once you have decided we send nationwide covering all parts of Australia.


Official doll accessories and more!

We stock all WM doll wigs and a large number of sex dolls eyes onsite. We also have our official exclusive wigs and eyes range. Special doll care products and doll storage items are coming soon! So take a look when you visit!