sex doll australia at sexpo 2022

Sexpo 2022 Melbourne

sex doll australia at sexpo 2022
This year’s Melbourne Sexpo 2022 was a massive success, with Sex Doll Australia featuring prominently among the exhibitors. Our beautiful love dolls were on display throughout the three-day event, and we had a great time meeting new and returning customers as well as passerbys. 
sex doll australia sexpo

This Melbourne Sexpo was full of activities and attractions, with something for everyone. From the free sex education seminars to the incredible stage shows and even more intimate events in the VIP area, there was plenty to keep visitors entertained. We particularly enjoyed seeing all of the amazing performers and hot people parading around throughout the venue. Sex Doll Australia was lucky enough to have our very own dedicated space that was 9×3 metre strip full of lovely Zelex ladies and one WM on show. Hoards of people passed our stand and many were awe struck at the realism of our Zelex ladies. Many told us they thought we had real women sitting on the couch!.
A common question we received was ‘are they dolls?’ (even though ‘Sex Doll Australia’ is written all over the place) they didn’t think it could be a doll. That’s a compliment to hear it means Zelex pass the test. When it totally snaps peoples minds it’s a win on the realism spectrum. Vice news even popped by to interview Andrew about Sex Doll Australia. 

sex doll australia sexpo
Bella at Sexpo

The success of the Melbourne Sexpo has only further encouraged Andrew’s passion for creating realistic dolls and have gained a wider reach and appreciation. He hopes to keep striving towards making increasingly accurate designs while maintaining his commitment to beauty. With each new creation, we are pushing the boundaries of dollmaking technology, and making sure that no detail is overlooked. Zelex is arguably the most realistic sex doll on the planet so it was a sure thing to display. As Andrew continues his work, he is sure to attract a large audience of customers looking for the perfect dolls.

Corey at sexpo
Ricardo at sexpo

We simulated a bedroom scene between Ricardo and Eloise! it was even more fun to see peoples reactions as they turned the corner to watch. Many thought they were real people posing for some reason. 

brianne at sexpo
on the couch at sexpo

This was the infamous photo couch where attendees could sit inbetween our two lovely Zelex ladies and take pics. For privacy reasons we cant show the attendees but the center of the couch was photo zone, at some points there were queues of people lining up to grab a pic with them. 

bella from the back sexpo

Bella showed up and showed off her sexy behind to all passerbys. 

head shelves
other angle
eloise ontop at sexpo

It was a pleasure to finally show our dolls to the general public which was a rare thing, the was a mixture of wonder, excitment and sometimes even fear (they said too real) but overall was a great experiance for our store and brand to be seen. We hoped that all that came had a great time. 

Thanks again to all attended and look forward to exhibiting at futures Sexpo’s. All the best SDA team. 

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