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Browse our range of Sex Doll Videos that are produced by us at Sex Doll Australia. We review sex dolls and provide an insight into the best and most popular sex dolls out there. If you want to see more videos, Sex Doll Australia has our very own dedicated YouTube channel that you can access here: PLANET OF THE LOVE DOLLS

Must Watch

Buyer Beware! the video below is a must watch for all Australian customers considering buying a sex doll. A cheap doll has a price to pay on its own, so we recommend a watch so as to avoid getting scammed on the sex doll marketplace.

Sex Doll Reviews

Sex doll reviews that are made by us at Sex Doll Australia. We review dolls close up in HD and provide the best insight to amazing love dolls on the market. 

Doll Videos

Sex doll videos by brand. Take a look and see how beautiful our dolls are. More videos are coming constantly so please also check our sex doll blog to see other useful content related to dolls that can be of value. 

WM Doll Videos

WM Doll is the most famous and popular TPE sex doll brand in the world! WM Dolls are made of high quality TPE that is safe on skin. We are premier partners of WM Doll so come take a look and see why they are so successful.

Sex Doll Australia visits WM Doll in China.

Zelex Doll Videos

Zelex were established in 2013 and they produce one of the best looking silicone dolls on the market. Their silicone doll range are so realistic you can barely tell the difference from human to doll in much of their work! Check out the video that Sex Doll Australia made below to witness the beauty and realism close up. 

Doll Care & Repair Videos

Learn how to take care of your doll correctly and simple. Maintenance of sex dolls is very important to keep your doll in the good condition, so they last. We have made our own videos to show you some basic techniques on looking after your doll. 

Doll Care Videos

If you are a beginner to love dolls then these videos will be useful to you. In addition, you can also see step by step instructions on our Sex Doll Care page.

Doll Repair Videos

Have a problem with your doll? Fix your doll in the early stages before its get worse. You can purchase doll repair products from here.

Other Sex Doll Videos

What is inside the box? We open a WM Doll box and see what is inside. The video below is WM box as of 2022.

More Sex Doll Videos

More videos coming soon watch this space