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Sex Dolls In The Fast Lane

How Commuters Are Using Sex Dolls To Access the Express Lane

With the rising cost of fuel and the need for more sustainable forms of transport, people have had to get creative with their transportation choices. One such example is the use of sex dolls as a means of accessing the express lanes. This unique tactic has been gaining traction in recent years and has now become a popular choice for those looking to save time on their daily commute by driving on highways designated only for carpooling. In this blog post, we’ll explore what this trend entails, why it’s becoming so popular.

What is Sex Doll Carpooling?

Sex Doll carpooling is a method of bypassing express lane requirements by using a love doll instead of carrying an additional passenger in your vehicle. The idea is simple: if you are traveling alone in your car, you can place a realistic-looking love doll in the seat next to you, thereby making it appear as if there are two passengers inside – thus allowing access to fast lanes where two passengers are required. This method has become increasingly popular among drivers who want to save money and time on tolls.

Can this be a new excuse for owning a Sex Doll?

While love doll carpooling is an increasingly popular trend for avoiding slow lanes, it can now also act as a convenient excuse for those who have been wanting to own a sex doll for personal reasons. These individuals may feel more comfortable buying a love doll if they can explain that it’s for transportation purposes and not solely as an intimate companion; allowing them to fulfill their desires without feeling too embarrassed about it.

Moreover, by having the added benefit of saving time in transit, it gives people yet another reason to justify their purchase – creating a win-win situation which could ultimately make love dolls even more commonplace in the future.

Sex Doll Carpooling In Australia

In Australia the sex doll carpooling trend has taken off, specifically on the Eastern Freeway in Melbourne. Commuters have been spotted with their dolls in the passenger seat widely across Melbourne.

In light of this Sex Doll Australia has also had a recent demand for dolls for this particular purpose.

Most popular dolls Sex Doll Australia has sold for carpooling are: Sonya X and Daniella.

For many potential buyers, the thought of purchasing such a realistic doll can be too awkward for some people. But by providing the opportunity for individuals to purchase a love doll for carpooling purposes, it allows them to fulfill their desires without feeling like they have to explain their motivations. This has already proven to be popular among certain groups and its popularity is only set to increase as awareness of its advantages spreads, causing a surge in sales numbers for love dolls retailers worldwide.

Sonya X a Big Seller for Carpoolers

‘Will you car pool with me?’ 

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