Sex Doll Scams

Beware of the Scams that Surround Sex Dolls

Anyone can fall victim to a scam, but it is always too easy to get snagged. Especially in the sex doll world where temptation is a rye and with higher price ranged products it is the perfect crime for many dodgy vendors out there. Over time it has become more popular and many poor customers have been scammed from their hard-earned cash. At Sex Doll Australia we have personally heard it too many times and many customers have found themselves coming to us for help and advice.

On this page there is some information that will hopefully make you more aware about the deceitful practices out there with the selling of fake sex dolls, not as described love dolls or even the situation of no doll arriving to your door at all!

Below are some of the kinds of scams that are conducted with the selling of sex dolls

Counterfeit Sex Dolls

It is simple, they look out for the most popular dolls and the most popular brands and plainly copy then. Common targets are big brands like WM Doll that have many successful dolls and a wide variety. The fake versions do not look like the original authentic ones. They are also created with untested TPE so can cause skin issues to your skin.

Not as advertised doll

You open the box and get a nasty surprise. The doll sitting in the box is nothing like what you ordered. It’s a monster of a thing and completely different to what you thought you were getting. A lot sex doll manufactures that do this don’t like to send pictures before sending out because they themselves have something to hide. They make their money on the customers that either can’t be bothered complaining or are too embarrassed to complain. It’s a shocking little setup but a few sales are good money for them so they take the chance. They also figure they can get shut down and open under a new name.

No doll arrives

Its one thing to get a counterfeit doll or one that doesn’t look anything like what you ordered but its something else to get nothing at all. We have had all too many customers experience this one.

Signs to Look Out For:

 Sex Dolls are too cheap

This is perhaps the biggest sign and the most important to pay attention to. Like the old saying goes ‘If something seems too good to be true, it probably is’. The dead giveaway for a fake doll is the price, they can sell very cheap because they are planning on sending you a piece a garbage in the mail. If you are tempted by the extra cheap price, then also consider the doll may not arrive at all so that cheap price is just money down the drain. There is no such thing as a great doll that cost around $500-$1000. They are fake and most likely not even including a shipping cost let alone customs taxes or anything else. Some customers have bought a doll for a really cheap price then afterwards realized they have to pay shipping cost separately, then after that customs taxes (if they can clear on their own) they in most cases end up paying MORE money than the cost of a real one sold from a reputable vendor. That’s right more money for a fake doll.

Incorrect Naming of sex dolls and sex doll specifications:

They say ‘Japanese sex doll’ when it’s made in china and is clearly not Japanese

They say ‘silicone sex doll’ when you can tell it’s a TPE doll and looks like the masses.

They say ‘highly realistic silicone Japanese sex doll’ when you can tell it’s not.

Incorrect naming of product descriptions. When you look around at other stores, you can see they have the wrong height or breast size etc

Not in Australia, Although Pretend To Be

You will find many websites out there selling fake dolls at very cheap prices and even have obtained illegally a ‘’ domain. These websites will try and look local, but you just have to look a little further and you will notice they are not. They won’t have an Australian phone number and in addition does not have in bindings with our country.

Physical Effects of Counterfeit or Unapproved Sex Dolls:
Skin issues

Apart from the obvious which is losing your money there is more to this dishonest tale as there is also skin issues that can arise from these unapproved and untested dolls on the market.

As the TPE or Silicone is untested and coming from god knows where, it means the material has a high chance of effecting your skin. We have had customers that advised us they bought an unapproved, fake and or dodgy sex dolls and have ended up with rashes and other skin issues. It is only expected when you buy something so cheap without caution or proper regulation of produced products.

Fake Reviews

They clearly have fake reviews plastered on their website. They look like fake people and are written in an unnatural way or a generic text.

The Culprits

Not to discredit AliExpress, Amazon or eBay as its not them directly but the shady vendors that are able to falsely move in as vendors and sell from these large e-commerce websites. Yes, the biggest e-commerce websites are often the worst. Of course, there is also a plethora of dodgy websites that are non-big e-commerce selling off fake and unapproved dolls.

The Good Places – Go ‘TDF Verified’

We have said enough about the bad but if you want to find the good and reputable vendors then look at places like the doll forum, it’s the global source of knowledge for sex dolls around the globe. All vendors there are approved and recognised around the world including us. To become an approved vendor there isn’t easy so only the best can be approved on the doll forum.

Sex Doll Australia has created a video just on Sex Doll Scams and also a general discussion around dolls and safety, see below:

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