We Interview a doll owner – John from Sydney

How did you first get interested in dolls?

I’ve known about the standard typical blowup dolls for a very long time but never thought about actually getting a doll because I just thought they ugly and cheap. I actually brought a store mannequin initially and had it for a few years as I was into sewing and pattern making thought it would be good to have something to fit and see how some of my pieces would look. This is when I realised its actually cool to have a figure that I could dress up and down but it was too hard and rigid so I began looking into soft skin mannequins which became sex dolls.

What was your first purchase and what did you think?

My first Sex Doll was a “RealDoll” brand, it was a preconfigured combination Laila at that time this brand seemed to have the most realistic dolls, delivery took 9 months. It came in a solid wooden crate, weighing in at almost 100kgs!!!! The box was actually designed to be stood up and used as a storage / display box which I thought was cool. The doll was in immaculate condition, It came with some basic instructions and cleaning tools (virginal insert rod and anal pump to clean) and some instructions on care and maintenance.

I have to say the quality and workmanship was fantastic, I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. She was so real and postured as if I had a real girl just sitting there. I had some underwear and cloths that I brought from a store ready so I changed her outfit and I was even more impressed on how she wore the clothes and it fitted her perfectly. As the days went on I began to relise this wasn’t just a toy or something you can leave under your bed and take her out when you need her. It was a piece of art, although strong and durable there were some precautions that had to be taken not to tear the silicon.

When it came to getting physical (sex) you had to kind of work out what you liked and I guess this is where the weight my it realistic so I was very impressed with the body realism but inside her and out. If maintained right her skin is smooth and rough enough to feel real some veins are also visible. The key to really enjoying the doll is making sure you have a good routine for hygiene and if you treat her as a companion it feels like theres always someone just sitting there waiting for you.

Has being a doll owner had any changes or positive impact on your life?

I would have to say its been positive, but being married my wife accepts it but dosen’t really understand why I have a need for it. My doll is kept in my man cave that is actually locked so my kids do not see it. For me personally its been very positive, Im a very visual guy so to be able to have what you would call a permanent MUSE on-call waiting for me helps me fulfill my visual needs, Im both a photographer and sew for fun. Because I am able to have this release its actually made me a lot calmer and relaxed as my tensions are relieved and to be honest sometimes when my wife isn’t around I have my doll to compensate.

What would be the next purchase and why?

I might go for the android looking Gynoid Model 8 just because it looks cool. For me having a sex dolls and being able to dress them up and pose in a private area where I can enjoy viewing them gives me a mental escape and feeds into my creative side, this particular model reminds me of AppleSeed / Ghost in the Shell one of my favourite anime of all time. It’s a creative outlet where I can explore both creative art and photography, Ive attached a image of a shoot I did with a model.

What do you think the future will encompass in respect to love dolls?

I think in general as more people know about it and see it, interest will increase so more people talking about it will help bring it into mainstream conversation. It will still take some more time for people to understand why there’s a need, at the moment it serves a small specific group of people who know what they want and to some extent not care what people think. Sex dolls can relieve so many stresses and desires, why wouldn’t we develop this area? As long as certain moral codes are adhered to I see no reason this should be taboo. A example would be a person who has fetishes or sexual appeitie that their partner cannot give, yet they may be in a good marriage. If a doll can be used to fulfill the missing aspect why wouldn’t you? Interest will grow from a wide range of people with needs, awkward, socially impaired people through to people who simply want to a muse to help with their creative flair where its not possible to have a real human do those things. And of course for sexual fulfilment or companionship where some aspect of their relationship is missing, this is particularly import for fantasies.

I believe this industry will only grow and get stronger, as androids become more real and sex dolls are accessible I believe this is where fantasy is headed for people who can afford them.

John (Sydney)




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