Sex Doll Care

How To Move The Sex Doll

Joint points are showed in the picture.

Some joints has a limitation on movement. Please do not put too much force on the joints as it might cause the damage on joints.
To see full body movement and instructions, please see the WM sex doll manual enclosed with the doll.

Skeleton Care

  • The doll can be in a standing position, make sure the knees are completely straight and do not leave standing for too long especially heavy dolls, the weight of the doll can be too much pressure on the knees.
  • please be careful when you move around the doll, drop gently and when in a standing position make sure it is stable as falls may cause frame damage.
  • Wired Finger:  Wire could wear off and snap when you bend her fingers frequently over time of use. Please move fingers gently as they are quite fragile. 
  • Articulated Finger(upgrade option): fingers have joints like a human hand, however the joints are thin and fragile compared to other joints on the body so please handle them gently.
  • Wrists joints are not strong enough to hold the doll weight for long periods of time, be careful posed in certain positions like on the hands and knees. If you wish to pose in such positions, please use a cushion or pillow to support the weight under the stomach.

TPE Skin Care

Keep Clean Keep Hygiene!

Clean your doll before and after play, in addition clean your doll regularly (once a month) to maintain hygiene and keep your doll in top condition.

How to clean your sex doll

  1. Wash the doll body: Clean your doll with mild antibacterial soap and warm water using soft cloths or a soft sponge. Rinse off well with warm water.
  2. Wash the canal: Clean your doll’s vagina, anus and mouth canals by using mild antibacterial soap and warm water with a douche that is enclosed with the doll in the box. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  3. Dry: Gently pat the water off with a soft towel and dry well inside out. (we recommend to use dry stick to dry the canal)
  4. After drying, apply a small amount talcum powder gently on the TPE surface with a soft brush or pat it on by hand. Talcum powder also keeps the TPE feeling smooth soft and supple.

When the TPE skin starts to feel tacky, please clean your doll using the above method. This will prevent TPE skin from getting too dry of oil which can lead to rips and tears. The doll’s skin that is TPE is a lot like human skin it does need moisture so the oil in the TPE is required much like human skin needs moisture.


  • Please use water base lubricant for play. Silicone base or oil base can damage the TPE skin.
  •  To prevent from aging of the TPE material, do not expose your doll in the direct sun light.
  • If you want to dress the doll you need to  wash the clothes a couple of times to wash off any excess clothes dye. Especially darker clothes or jeans can easily stain your doll. Washing clothes is very important and do not leave the clothes on the doll for long periods of time as the dye can stain the doll.
    TPE contains oil to make the doll nice and soft, please make sure when you store the doll, keep in the a dry cool place to minimise the risk of an oil leak.
  • Do not leave your doll with bent arms, legs or open legs for long periods of time as as it might cause creases or tears on the TPE areas that are stretched. Please always ensure to return to the straight body position and not leaving or storing with bent joints.
  • Make sure neck bolt, standing feet bolts and head connector are always dry and kept away from water as it may cause rust. These areas should not be submerged.
  • Do not use any rough or sharp material to care for your doll. TPE can easily get scratch marks with sharp ends. Make sure sponges and towels that are used for cleaning are soft.
  • For play the dolls are best on the bed where it is soft. Putting the doll on hard or course surfaces like carpet or rug as it will scuff the TPE making marks and can rip the material. Since TPE is very soft, while moving the doll around it is best to keep the shoes on the doll. For WM doll the bottom of the feet has studs that come out of a hole so if you are dragging the doll around since there is already an opening it can easily break wider so keep the shoes on. 
  • Nails both hand and feet can easily get knocked off as the TPE material is soft and sticking anything to soft material wont be as firm as sticking to a firm base. If your dolls nail comes off you just need to get nail glue that women use to glue back on and can get from pharmacy or the supermarket. Same goes for eye lashes the same principle applies as you can use eye lash glue.

Wig Care

Comb the wig with the comb provided in the box. If it gets tangled do not force and pull hard as synthetic hair wigs can be easy to tear. For tangled hair, gently comb the tip of the wig first and slowly comb upwards until the tangles are gone. A detangler hair brush would be a better option if it’s hard to do with the standard comb. For curly wigs, we do not recommend to comb the wig frequently as curls will go straight over time. 


Unlike humans, sex dolls won’t sweat so it is not necessary to wash your doll’s wig frequently. Remove the wig from the head when you store your doll, this will keep the wig clean. If you need to wash your doll’s wig, please follow the below steps.

How to wash sex doll wigs

1. Comb: Comb the wig prior to wash. This will minimize of the risk of the wig getting tangled during the wash.
2. Wash: Fill warm water in the tub and add a small amount of shampoo to make soapy water. Submerge the wig and shift the wig around in the bathtub.
3. Rinse: Throw away the soapy water and fill with warm water in the tub again. Submerge the wig and shift the wig around in the bathtub again. Repeat these steps until all the soap is completely rinsed off.
4. Apply Conditioner: Fill the warm water in the tub and add a small amount of hair conditioner and dissolve well. Submerge the wig and shift around the wig in the tub. Throw away the water and fill up with clean warm water and rinse it once.
5. Dry: Dry your wig with the soft towel and pat gently with your both hands. Hang the wig and place in a dry place. Dry naturally until completely dry. 
*Do not use a hair dryer as synthetic hair is weak with heat. 

Sex Doll Storage

Sex dolls are delicate. Storing your doll in the right way will make your doll last longer and keep in good condition. There are some options to store your doll.

Option 1. Store the doll in the original cardboard box. This will be the easiest option but not recommended if you store the doll for long time (more than 4 weeks)as this may cause slight flatness on the bum. Please take the doll out from the box from time to time to relax the TPE skin around the bum.

Option 2. Use a sex doll freight case or storage sofa case. This will be a good option if you need to hide the doll from your family/friends. Same as option 1. we do not recommend if you store for long periods of time.

Option 3. Hang your doll. Hanging your doll with the suspension hook enclosed in the box is a good option but it is not recommended to hang in the closet as the hanging bar generally is not strong enough to hold the weight. Use a heavy duty beam/rail like you would have in your garage. 

Option 4. Keep on the bed. This will be good if you are not required to hide your doll from others. Put on a soft blanket that comes with the doll as the doll can blead oil over time and could damage your linen.


  • Whether you lay down or hang, make sure the doll is always in a straight position with no bent arms or legs and no area that the TPE is stretched to avoid rips and tears.
  • Do not leave clothes on as the dye in the clothes could stain your doll’s skin.
  • If your doll has large breasts especially gel filled then it is recommended to use a large boob tube to minimise the risk of deformation or tears and rips on the breast area. 

Sex Doll Repair & Tips

Quick and Easy Fix!

  • Re-attach Eyelash: Use eyelash glue same as humans do. It is safe on TPE skin. Choose clear type with no colouring. Apply a small amount of eyelash glue on to the eyelash and leave for 10-15 seconds. Attach the eyelash on the TPE eye lid and hold it for another 10-15 seconds. Leave it until the glue is completely dry. If you need to remove the eyelash from the TPE then apply a small amount of baby oil using cotton tips on the eyelash as this will soften the glue and will make it easier to take it off.
    *Do not pull hard as it might rip and damage the TPE skin.
    *Do not use TPE Glue for re-attaching eyelash. When you see ‘TPE glue’ being sold it is only for TPE rips and tears and not for eyelash or nails. 
  • Re-attach Nails: Use nail glue same as human do. It is safe on TPE skin. Apply a small amount of glue on the false nail and attach onto the finger and hold it for 10-15 seconds. Leave it until the glue is completely dry.
    *Do not use TPE Glue for re-attaching nails.
  • Re-apply make up: Make up on doll’s head and colouring on the nipples and vagina area are semi-permanent. It will fade over time of use. You can re-apply make up and paint using make up for human use, it is safe on TPE skin. We recommend eye-shadow make up pallet to re-apply. This is available at your local supermarket or pharmacy.

Repair Your Sex Doll

  • Remove dye stain: Apply a small amount of TPE stain remover on the stained area and leave overnight. Gently wipe it off with a damp cloth. Repeat this until the stain is gone. You will need to repeat the process approx 3 times until the stain is gone. 
  • Repair rips and tears: Make sure the area that has ripped is in a closed position before applying the TPE glue. Gently open the ripped area using your finger and apply a small amount of TPE glue in the ripped area(inside only) and close immediately and hold.
    *Use thin sticks like tooth picks to apply the glue, do not apply too much glue as it will melt the TPE skin and can damage your doll.
  • Remove creases or compressions:  Remove your sex doll from box and make sure nothing is touching on the skin. If the crease/compression is light, it will come out naturally in a few weeks. If the crease/compression is strong it might take a few months.