Self-Quarantine With a Doll

There’s a pandemic on. Why don’t you – and hear me out here – get a sex doll?

I mean, the thought isn’t entirely foreign to you, is it. You’ve heard about them, for one. You know it’s a done thing. By who? Well, we get members from the love doll community (that’s right, it’s a big, proper community) on here regularly, and they all understand. They’re all doing it, actually. It’s you that doesn’t get it. Yet! But you want to, I know. How do I know? Well, because you’re here on a love doll blog reading about love dolls during a pandemic. So the thought’s clearly crossed your mind. Hey, let’s stop pretending you’re at 0% chance of fucking a sex doll during a pandemic. You’re not. You’re considering it, whether you admit it or not. Let’s be productive. Let’s focus on what we can do to get you to be honest with yourself so you end up at 100% and ultimately buying one from Sex Doll Australia.

You’re on your own in a pandemic. You’re probably starved of contact. They say you’re facing weeks of it, but you’ve also read online that it’s more like months upon months. Consider Wuhan, for example, where for the first time in two and a half months many people are now leaving their houses for the first time –just to go to a supermarket. That’s the only freedom they have now, after months. That’s how locked down it can get, out of absolute necessity, if the pandemic really sweeps through your city (and it probably will). So many people are experiencing not just the panic and fear that comes with understanding and accepting coronavirus as it changes the world. They’re also going through the loneliness and isolation. Heightened restrictions for many mean they can’t see their partners, or their friends, or even their family.

Why should you be starved of intimate contact as well? Don’t you deserve that?

Our love dolls are about intimacy. It can be an intimate experience. I understand if you think that fucking a sex doll is a seedy, fringe thing to be embarrassed about. You’ve been taught that by entertainment, comedy, humour, and the zeitgeist. But that zeitgeist is changing as technology has progressed and standards of living change. Our love dolls are high quality and incredibly realistic. What our customers often marvel over is the level of workmanship present in the design. Their bodies are built around sturdy, realistic skeletons, and they have lifelike skin and hair. Having sex with them feels exactly like having sex with a real life partner. These are not rudimentary blow-up dolls, the kind you’ve seen in the movies. They are beautiful, hand-crafted by experts over months, worth every penny.

The added bonus that sex dolls have over real life partners right now is that you don’t have to evade police patrols and the threat of astronomical fines from your government to have them come over to stay. It’s legal. It’s okay. We promise that your sex doll will not have coronavirus. They don’t really even have lungs. They are in your home, and the only way to give them coronavirus is if you have coronavirus. The best way for you to not get coronavirus is: quarantine and self-isolate at home, avoid random people, wash your hands, practice social distancing, and get a sex doll.

They are clean, too. You know that, because you clean them. Which is actually very easy to do! It’s as easy as cleaning yourself, so in this new intimate relationship of yours, everyone will remain as perfectly germ-free as you are. And no one will ever pass a pathogenic respiratory disease to their loved one. That’s true love!

Owners of sex dolls (or as they’re often referred to in our communities, love dolls) report that their lives are more secure and happy after their purchase. They often believe they’re purchasing a product, but come to find that what they’ve actually found is a companion. There are so many different ways to explore a relationship with a sex doll or a love doll, and we invite our customers and community to try to explore the way that a relationship with a doll works for them. Because it’s never the same. We now extend that invite to you!

Here’s the thing. Reports are in from New Zealand stores that people are stockpiling lubricant, batteries and sex toys because of isolation fears. Why can’t those of us who are alone enjoy ourselves and remain intimate too? Don’t you deserve that too? Well, what if everyone panic-buys Sex Doll Australia’s high quality sex dolls before you get to? Did you think it would be only toilet paper and hand sanitiser?

Don’t you want a little love in your life while a pandemic sweeps the world?

We’ve watched, over the time of our career in this industry, love dolls increasingly depart the fringe and enter the mainstream of relationships. Our connection to AI is now not what it was before. We chat with Siri and Alexa and Google. They assist us. They power our homes. It follows that relationships can begin to power our relationships, too. Take what a happy, John on our blog said recently “Because I am able to have this release its actually made me a lot calmer and relaxed as my tensions are relieved and to be honest sometimes when my wife isn’t around I have my doll to compensate.” Don’t be surprised by the mention of John’s wife. There’s all kinds of doll owners, and the new types appear month by month. It’s something we continue to be surprised by. So you shouldn’t be surprised at yourself for considering it too. It’s healthy. You want sex! You want love! You want a beautiful companion during quarantine! And here we are, ready to give it to you.

The world is changing! As if you needed to hear that. That was true before we all got hit with a devastating viral pandemic. It’s confined us to our homes. What we believe is that the months we’re all now going to have to endure are going to represent a great period of change for everyone. So let’s start out your change on a positive note. Take the leap! Browse our assortment of top-shelf, real love dolls, and – this is important – reach out to us if you have any questions. We recognise that this is a significant purchase for anyone, and that right now, there’s more than a little reason to hesitate in the world. Why add to the uncertainty? Contact us, and we’ll answer your questions.

After that? You’ll buy one, as we predicted. And you’ll play with a sex doll during quarantine. Because you deserve it!

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