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Follow up with Rod and Karina

Where are they now?

We first interviewed Rod back in February 2022 about his fantastic doll Karina Luvly. You can find the article here. Rod’s doll Karina was originally purchased from Sex Doll Australia and from then on so much has happened.  

Since our article, Rod has become quite the superstar featuring on many different news outlets across the world. Andrew from Sex Doll Australia and Rod together both double featured in the initial article with Mamamia and from there many other news outlets around the world jumped onto this amazing story including New York Post and others.  

We thought it would be great to check in with Rod again to see how he is going with his doll Karina and his current life. It is very inspiring to see this mans story and how Karina has given him so much. 

Karina Luvly

1 Year Anniversary – Rod and Karina

Q1. Firstly Congrats on your 1 year anniversary with Karina! How’s
life with Karina now?

Life with Karina now is great, she is company for me when I need it and great to cuddle helping me sleep better. I live off grid in a very remote location and it’s not the same here now that my four children have grown up and left home followed by my wife. My artificial companion Karina is an inspiration for me. Through caring for her and making her look beautiful I have experienced a whole new world.

Q2. Any major changes in your life since you had Karina?

Karina has changed my life completely. I now have a collection of her clothing taking over the wardrobes lol. I became interested in photographing Karina and started posting photos on Instagram. It was there that I formed friendships with other doll owners and photographers. I have been giving so much help and support it’s been great. We all need friends to share our highs and lows and it’s through Karina that I now have a wonderful group of friends.

Q3. You have over 10,000 subscribers on your Instagram page, You
got lots of fans! What do you think the key success
points are on your instagram page? 

The reason that I first looked at Instagram was to do some research about dolls. I had only recently learned about the existence of the modern dolls and I was considering buying one. I simply wasn’t confident as I knew absolutely nothing about life with a doll. I was amazed by the beautiful photos posted on Instagram and found the dolls owners to be friendly and helpful.
Karina’s Instagram began as a way for me to share my experiences. I would like for dolls to be seen more widely giving more people confidence if they want one. I was really appreciative of the happiness that Karina allowed me to experience and wish the same for others.

I can’t explain her popularity except by saying Karina is hot! her WM 166 cm C cup body is amazing. It’s not hard to make her look good. Her head number is 56, a sweet and attractive face I think. I have been coached by other doll owners in photography and posing Karina. I try not to be too repetitive with my photos and just have fun with it. I would recommend to a new doll owner to say hi and have a look at what people are doing with dolls on social media. And don’t be shy to post a few photos if you want to share your joy with the world.

karina luvly on beach

Q4. Karina is looking beautiful, you must have taken good care of
her! Any tips and advice for beginners to keep the doll well?

I am amazed how well Karina has stood up to a very active year after hundreds of outfit changes, manipulations and thousands of KM in the passenger seat of my car.
Karina comes in the shower with me standing on a non slip mat. I remove the wig and keep the water off her face. She is washed by hand with a fragrant shower jell or baby shampoo. Usually I let her drip dry standing on a towel or pat her dry. A good coat of baby powder applied from a container with a shaving cream brush takes away the tackiness of the TPE and seals it from attracting dust and dirt.

When she gets ready dirty from our various photographic adventures it’s time for the big clean with baby oil. Careful because baby oil will soon strip off makeup from the face. I massage the oil rubbing hard with my fingers on a stained area and the oil dissolves the dirt allowing it to be wiped off with paper towel. Any stubborn stains usually got from putting dark clothes on her are treated with pimple cream which bleaches them out with repeated application and some time.

Q5. You have a new girlfriend, the living breathing kind 😉 How did
this happen and what does she think about Karina?

I had been in a long distance relationship for six months with my girlfriend Jenny at the time that I got Karina. At that time I was unable to be with my girlfriend because of travel restrictions. She freaked out at first when I admitted that I had bought a sexdoll and was posting sexy photos of my doll on social media. Once I was able to explain my photography study and how caring for Karina had opened up my heart she accepted my doll.

I recently spent two months with Jenny and it was wonderful. I think that I would have been less attractive to her had I been living in lonely depressed state of mind. I, through my interactions with Karina had become more confident and had a much higher sense of appreciation. A previous breakup had left me damaged and I needed to break free somehow and get on with my future happiness. My heart was open again through practicing caring and love towards my artificial companion.

Jenny likes Karina saying she looks sweet and kind. She says that I am learning how to better take care of women and likes to see the way I change Karina’s outfits and makeup.

Q6. Are you thinking to have more dolls in your life ?

I did end up with more dolls in my life and I enjoy the variety for photography. Karina has artificial sisters and it’s a different feeling compared to just a lone doll. I have a soft spot for Karina though and she is my only bedtime cuddle.

Q7. Do you have any suggestions to manufactures to improve

I observe that advancements are being made at a great pace with dolls design. I really do have to say that the manufacturers have produced an incredible product. Everyone who sees Karina is in awe of the quality, realism and beauty of her. My only suggestion to manufacturers is keep up the great work.

Karina Luvly on beach sex doll australia

We want to thank Rod so much for being a role model for future doll owners and also being such a great person and having the courage to share his story with all. 

Sex Doll Australia wishes you all the best. 

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