Reserve Doll Policy (IN STOCK PURCHASES)

At Sex Doll Australia we allow customers to reserve a doll that is arriving to our in stock area. We do this for customer’s with no deposit required but a deposit is required at 10% if we have the doll already arrived to our warehouse and is waiting more than 2 days. So the no deposit rule is mainly while the customer is waiting for the doll to arrive to us. 

If you see a doll that might be on our stock list that you want but is sold out on our website then you can advise us about the doll you want and we can put it aside for you when it arrives. We will check our stock and see if it is coming and let you know if you can reserve or not. Naturally being a reserve from a doll we have ordered we have already chosen the options for the doll so you are unable to change skin colour and other options as already made from our pre selection. We normally buy stock based on the photos/promos on the website in a ‘same as pictured’ manner and our in stock dolls are upgraded dolls (gel breast, articulated hands, standing feet no bolts etc) all included. 

Reserving dolls can be for WM or Zelex. But is more common for Zelex as in high demand. We offer this so people can get ‘first dibs’ on the doll that arrives and they simply don’t miss out. It is important to reserve as waiting times for next stock can be long. 

If you have reserved a doll, we will contact you when it arrives and send pictures for your approval.

Please note: Once the doll has arrived and we have notified you, the doll must be purchased or deposited within 2 days from the date of being notified otherwise we have to sell on to another. As above if the doll has arrived as reserved and want it held for longer then a 10% deposit is required to hold the doll at our warehouse. Once the doll is reserved on a paid deposit we can hold the doll for up to 3 weeks and at this point the remainder is expected to be paid. 

The 10% deposit is non-refundable. This is because while the doll has been held on reserve we have blocked others from buying the doll. So please be sure and careful when you decide to reserve a doll as its expected to be honoured.