Cancellations and Returns Policy

Cancellation Policy

In accordance with Australian Consumer Laws, Sex Doll Australia does not have to provide a refund or replacement if a customer simply changes their mind about a product purchased.

Customers wishing to cancel their order due to changes in Personal Circumstances such as: being able to afford it or not or family circumstances, or any other personal change then this will be deemed as a Change of Mind, and this policy would apply.

Please note: on the basis and on the condition a refund may be granted, fees will apply. This is because payment processing fees and transaction fees are not returned to us leaving a cost on our side. 

Anyone purchasing a doll must be clear and certain on the purchase to avoid any issues. 

Doll commenced production for Pre-Orders:

Once the doll has commenced production which is usually around 2 days after the order has been sent, from this stage we cannot offer a refund should the customer change their mind and cancel. This is because the manufacturers are stuck with the doll and must sell on to another person or we might be in this position to have to sell ourselves. If we have to buy the doll it means we have to pay shipping customs and taxes and the complications of selling a doll onwards is that the doll being so customised in nature therefore selling on is difficult in respect the limitations of the doll that had options already selected. So please be sure before you buy.

Please note: All dolls are made to order from start to finish as the manufacturers do not create beforehand and pre stock.

Returns and Refunds for accepted/used dolls

Once the doll has been either washed, used, or even unwrapped and that is not applicable to ‘damaged in transit’ (above) we can not accept a return or refund of the doll. The reason is that once the doll is opened and in possession of the customer and accepted then it is technically used.

Once the doll is opened and touched, this would now become a used sex toy. Due to hygiene and trading standards we are not a business that sells used products and given the nature of the product at hand we cannot resell to others. This is a strict rule so please keep this in mind when choosing to buy a doll so that you are aware and extra careful with your decision.

Rips in the TPE material or Silicone can occur when the care tips and instructions are not followed. Dolls are very soft as they replicate flesh so being quite soft the material can too easily get ripped if not taken care of in a careful manner. For TPE dolls the standing feet studs naturally come out from a hole in the TPE under the foot.
It is recommend when moving the doll around in the standing position to put socks and shoes on your doll as if you drag the under foot bare it can allow the stud hole in the TPE to tear under the foot.

It is vital to read as much information as possible to learn before you play with your doll so that your doll can last. We have a care page here that will help. Please see the area on this care page called ‘Caution’ to find key points.

In Stock Dolls:

Same applies to in stock dolls sent from Melbourne. Once the doll has been used or washed or even after package opened fully and unwrapped, we cannot accept refunds or returns. This is due to the nature of the product as we cannot sell onwards again once possessed by another customer as it is defined as a used sex doll. So, no returns or refunds are allowed from that point. 

In Stock Doll Sent Cancellation:
Once the package has been labelled and collected by the driver (our courier company) we cannot accept cancelation nor a refund as the doll has already begun the journey to your destination and therefore we cannot chase down the courier companies to get it back. As above and always make your decision count when you choose to buy a doll or not so think carefully beforehand.