WM Head Only Melbourne In Stock


WM Official Heads.

Melbourne in stock, fast domestic shipping.
For in stock head only purchases, we send via Australia post with discreet shipping.
Sending to Australia post parcel locker is also available.

Brand: WM Doll
Skin Colour: Tan Skin
Eyes: Choice of yours
Wig: Choice of yours
Comes with FREE dry stick.

Official WM heads. All heads in stock are Tan skin. Please note WM tan skin colour has been changed since December 2021, they have lightened the tan skin tone. Currently WM heads Melbourne in stock that are available to purchase are made from the earlier batches that are a slightly darker version of a standard tan. These heads skin tone won’t match with the current In stock dolls (body and head combo) very well as slightly off. If you already have WM dolls that were made before the December 2021, these heads should be a perfect match. That being said, although your doll was made before the December 2021, it could be slightly off with a colour difference as it’s all hand made and sometimes there is slight difference with the colouring mixing ratio. It is very small but worth mentioning. Please ask us for pictures before you make a head only purchase.


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