Sex Doll Breast Repair Kit


This is a  syringe and needle for repairing deflated breasts on TPE Dolls.
Please note: For doll repair purpose only.
Syringe Size: 60ml
Needle Size: 21G

How to use:

  1. Massage around the breast and make sure the gel inside of the breasts are evenly spread. (If dolls have gel breasts)
  2. Screw in the needle into the syringe tip. (Make sure needle cap is on)
  3. Pull the syringe driver back to allow the air to enter the syringe.
  4. Remove the cap safely and insert the needle into the very centre of the top of the nipple. Point needle to the deflated side/area of deflation.
  5. Slowly inject the air until the breast returns to normal shape. Feel and check.
  6. Remove the needle and pinch and roll the nipple of the doll for few seconds.
  7. Repeat steps if the breast still requires more air.



Do not use for any other purpose other than repairing the doll breast.
Put needle cap on when not in use.

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