Doll’s Lounge Universal TPE Glue


Doll’s Lounge Universal TPE Glue – 10ml
Glue for repairing material cuts and smooth cracks.

Doll’s Lounge Universal TPE Glue (adhesive) is 100% made in Germany. Tested and works for many of TPE brands out there.

This adhesive is compatible with the following manufacturers:
– WM doll (Jinsan)
– YL doll (Jinsan)
– Oriental Rose Doll (Jinsan)
– 1AM Doll
– ShangMei
– DH168
– Evo DH168
– Irontech (conditional)
– Climax (conditional)
– Hitdoll

*Attention: Please wear a protective mask and gloves when you apply this adhesive onto TPE material. Please keep this glue away from children and store in a safe area.
How to use ?
1. Clean the area with a soft cloth with some mineral oil.
2. Apply the glue on a closed position and apply a small amount of adhesive using a tooth pick or other small thin tipped tool and hold area closed for 10 to 15 minutes.
3. Leave the area closed for a minimum of 48 hours to cure the material. (do not pull or stretch the material when curing)
4. Clean the area with Mineral oil, let it dry and finally apply talcum powder on the area.

*Do not put too much adhesive as this will melt the TPE material. Always apply small amounts . Do not use this for applying eyelashes, nails or pubic hair. Only use this adhesive to miner cut areas to mend TPE.




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