Doll’s Lounge TPE Stain Remover


Doll’s Lounge TPE Stain Remover – 20ml
Remove stains on TPE material caused by clothes dye and others.

Doll’s Lounge TPE Stain Remover is 100% made in Germany.
Compatible for WM doll, YL doll and OR Doll (manufactured by Jinsan)

Common questions for TPE stain remover:

  • Why does discoloration occur so quickly in TPE sex dolls?
    This is due to the structure of the TPE. The styrene-based TPE is ideally enriched by all manufacturers to a total proportion of about 75% – 85% paraffinic mineral oil. It is therefore part of the basic material of every doll, the minimum oil content of which is already quite firmly defined in advance by the manufacturers of the RAW material. Depending on the pressure conditions, this is released or absorbed by the pupa and as part of this oil transfer, oil-soluble dyes may migrate onto the TPE.
  • This stain remover is built on paraffin wax based with paraffin oil which is mixed with essential oil. On the one hand, this draws the unwanted colour pigments into the wax by infiltration to the outside, which is why discoloration can become visible in the wax. These can be easily removed with the wax through a paper towel, the remains of the stain remover can be removed by hot showering.
    The colour pigments remaining in the TPE are split by the essential oils and are no longer visible. This neutralization is irreversible and can take several days depending on the oil movement in the TPE. Due to the composition of the original colour pigments of the doll, this does not concern the desired pigments of the manufacturer from the TPE recipe but only the unwanted foreign colors.
  • You should always store the stain remover in a cold, dry and dark place. Storage temperatures above 25°C must be avoided.

*Attention: Please wear a protective mask and gloves when you apply this stain remover onto TPE material. Please keep this stain remover away from children.


  1. Before discolorizing, carefully pre-clean the area with colourless baby oil.
  2. Apply the cleaning paste thinly but visible so that a wax layer remains and is left on for several hours.
  3. Wipe with colourless baby oil using a paper towel. Repeat this process depending until cleared.
  4. The Wax Oil is designed to have a low “dew point” of the wax. This avoids pipe blockages because above 35°C temperatured water is sufficient to dissolve.



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