167cm D-cup Lillian


167cm D-cup Doll Specs:

Height: 167cm
Weight: 52kg
Bust: 89.5cm
Under Bust: 70cm
Waist: 68.5cm
Hips: 105cm
Shoulder: 39cm
Feet: 22cm
Availability: Vagina, Anus
Hole depth: Vagina: 17cm, Anus: 16cm
Material: Platinum Silicone
All Zelex doll range includes realistic body painting (blood vesseles, fine dotting) , implanted eye brows and eye lashes, shrug shoulder and gel breasts!!

Come take a look at Lillian one of the top choices for Zelex doll. She has amazing detail all the way and stunning beautiful elegant and sexy look. All of our Zelex dolls come with the skin art included and as you can see from the detail its super realistic all the way. Invite Lillian into your life you wont regret!


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