Fraud & Privacy Policy

Online Fraud Prevention Policy for Buy Online and Pick Up Orders Only

It is in our best interests to protect the community and ourselves from online fraud and identity theft. We have strict measures in place to prevent such activities.

Love dolls only hold a personal value as they are classified as a sex toy. Being a sex toy, it is not really something that can be sold on or traded in anywhere or anyway therefore it bears no financial value from a reselling point. Despite this love dolls still can attract online fraud from time to time.

This policy only applies to orders that are purchased online and the customer requests to quickly pick up the doll afterwards in person. This policy does not apply to other orders where the doll is normally sent to an address nor to shop purchases on EFTPOS where the transaction has occurred onsite, and card is present.

Purchase Online and Pick Up – Identification Check

If you have purchased a doll online or other high-priced order online and want to pick up in person then you must provide the following on arrival:

  1. Photo ID: Driver’s License or Passport ONLY

We will not accept other forms of identification such as a bank statement or other forms that can easily be faked. You must provide either a Driver’s License or Passport and no photo copies or print outs only the real thing.

2. Credit Card that was used on the particular online transaction

You will need to present the same credit card used online that was used on the purchase and the name on the credit card must also match the Drivers Licence or Passport’s name.

If the customer has used their partners credit card for example to make the purchase, then this particular person must do the pickup and as above must show photo ID (Drivers Licence or Passport) and in addition present the same card used online with all names matching to the person picking up the doll.

We will not accept anything else and will not release the order unless this has been complied with exactly.

Much like if you rented a scooter or a car you would expect such a high value transaction/asset to provide such identification and necessary checks to prove you are whom you claim to be.


Please Note: Purchase online and pick up or ”Click and Collect” will be suspended all together until further notice.

Personal Home deliveries:

Personal Home deliveries (Melbourne by SDA) the customer must use their real address on the order, either house or apartment. We do not deliver to random places like the park or anything else that is not the official address as it must be delivered to the customers home exactly for personal home deliveries in Melbourne.

Privacy Policy

Safeguarding is important to us

Sex Doll Australia is committed to safeguarding privacy for our dear customers. We understand just how important protecting your privacy with the personal information that we collect. The information that is collected is solely used for the processing of orders and nothing more. We will never sell, rent, trade or share your information with any third parties. This is our promise to you.




Privacy on payments

Upon purchasing our dolls your bank account statement will not reveal the nature of the item but only the account named charged which is “Murasaki Imports”.

Payment Security

Your credit card and or bank details are not retained. We choose PayPal as our payment gateway as it is the ultimate in payment security for yourself and ourselves. Should you choose bank transfer as your payment method your payment will go via the banks payment encryption network so that it remains safe.

Website Security

Our website uses an SSL Certificate. “SSL” stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”. SSL Certificates are used to establish a secure encrypted connection between a browser (user’s computer) and a server (website). The SSL connection protects sensitive data, such as credit card information that may be exchanged during each visit to the website. Websites that do not have SSL encryption allows data to be sent in plain text which can leave you venerable to a possible cyber-attack. The SSL certificate is a standard amongst reputable websites that care about your personal information.