Male Sex Dolls in 2022

The Rise in Popularity


Some of the first high-quality male sex dolls – the professional calibre of doll sold by high end stores such as Sex Doll Australia – were created as recently as 2016.  Since then, demand has grown and grown.  So, of course, has the range of dolls on offer.  I decided to look into the world of male sex dolls and understand some of the myths and truths around them, now that Sex Doll Australia are offering Irontech’s stunning flagship male doll, Corey (more on him later!).

Exploring around online, there appears to be a pretty uniform assumption: that the market for male sex dolls are only male-identifying LGBTIQ+ customers.  You might be surprised to learn that in truth, that’s changing as we speak.  Women are a growing consumer force within the world of sex dolls – and they’re growing by the day!

Early creators of male dolls reported women hunting tirelessly, for months and months online, for the precision perfect male sex doll for their tastes and preferences.  This is the kind of dedication that sex doll sellers could ascribe to typical sex doll customers, and really, anyone looking for a partner, right?  Only recently are we discovering that women want the same thing! This article on Karley describes in detail her experience with a male doll and even goes on camera during her play. 

I wonder if historically, sex doll producers had misunderstood their customer base?  More likely, it seems that as the internet and free information age creeps on, it gets easier for anyone – women included – to find out about the many options out there.  The more women that find out that dolls exist for them, it seems, the more we’ll see the world of doll buyers changing.



Societal acceptability and dolls become strange when we consider women as a customer base.  After all, it isn’t that there’s a stigma surrounding women owners of sex dolls – it’s more that people can’t imagine them buying dolls at all.  As though there’s no precedence for it.  But why do we think that?  Why is the thought of women buying beautiful, high-quality dolls so strange an idea when women have been buying other sex toys for so very long?

Feminist and sex-positivity movements, and the consumer response to them, led to sex toys for women booming in popularity in the 80’s and 90’s.  Hell, the earliest evidence for dildos goes back 30,000 years!  Phallic ‘batons’ were discovered by archaeologists, made of bone and ivory and teeth.  Dildos and vibrators mean companionship, convenience, health, confidence and even, for some, a relationship.  Mightn’t male dolls simply round that out, giving someone the ‘total package’ experience as a sex toy?

And sex toys they are!  In her exploration of early dolls for Vice, reporter Karley Sciortino, thoroughly impressed, said of the experience of making love to a high-quality male doll: “It feels absolute indistinguishable from a real person.”   She felt that she was allowed to have sex with a doll and be intimate while also experiencing her fantasies.    They certainly do their job!

Aside from use as a toy, there’s many, diverse reasons for buying a male doll.  Some women who buy dolls are looking to experiment.  Others to expand their sexual horizons.  Some have experienced trauma that makes other kinds of relationships hard, and they want to experience intimacy with a man in a space where they can be comfortable.  Other women still are simply seeking out the kind of companionship that can be so difficult for many of us to find in a human partner!  For all of these women, male dolls are an increasingly attractive proposition.  And considered in this light, male dolls are a wholesome, healthy and fundamentally sex-positive for women to seek out.  Love with a doll can be a beautiful, healthy pursuit!

Is it possible that the increasing appeal of male sex dolls for women will, in fact, change the broad, societal attitude towards all dolls?  After all, dolls rarely pop up in the media unless they’re there to be re-stigmatised and laughed along with their stereotypically male owners.  There’s been decades of stigma and mockery attached to dolls and doll owners.  Looking into these male dolls has me wondering if the allure of high-quality dolls for women and their increasing take-up rate means that the world is going to have to reconsider the fringe status of dolls, as they become our partners, lovers and sex toys.

These modern dolls are here and they are real, in many ways.  Which brings us to… Corey. 

Hello, Corey!

Corey’s the latest in Sex Doll Australia’s male doll range and coming very soon 2022, and there’s no male doll realer or more beautiful than Corey.  From top to bottom, Corey’s a man.  The first thing we’re struck by looking at Corey’s face (apart from the piercing baby blue eyes) is that hair.  It almost looks real, right?  Sure it does.  Because it is!

Could you decide right away whether real human hair on a big, beautiful doll is sexy, beautiful, or…. creepy?  I couldn’t shake this thought, when I first learned about it.  Real hair, eh?  I just wasn’t sure what I thought.  Who’s donating the hair?  Do they know where their hair is going?  Are they male or female?  Would they want to know where their hair is going? 

Could I tell them, somehow?  Could we talk about this?  Am I going mad?  Am I overthinking this?!

(…Yes, I decided, maybe I am overthinking it.  Real hair is beautiful, after all, so a real doll should have real hair.  However, I can’t shake the mental image of finding human hair donors to fill them in about exactly where their donation went!)

Regardless, you can see the love and craftsmanship that’s gone into Corey’s big, beautiful, thick head of head and facial hair.  Did you know that each strand, individually, is implanted to create the hairstyle that Corey has?  Thinking about that, the artistry and realness of Corey really starts to spring out.  Look at that beard!  It’s incredible!

Corey’s body is so impressively toned and muscular.  Some earlier male dolls had a rather effeminate shape – and everyone’s got their own tastes, but it is really nice to see bigger figures with a physique like Corey’s becoming available as a high-quality option for people seeking out a male doll.

I think the thing that really strikes me about Corey, apart from his realness, is that he’s every way as competitive and professional as the most high-quality female love doll.  Isn’t that amazing?  It makes e think about how far we’ve come.  I love the fact of it, no matter who’s buying them, but  I really, really enjoy that these exist for women and men alike to admire, buy and love.

And when I think about it, I realise that I want dolls like Corey to become more popular.  I want more and more women to know about them, to learn more about them and to choose to bring them into their lives.  I’m excited to see the changes that a growing women consumer base in the world of sex dolls will bring.  I’m looking forward to seeing men like Corey blow some of the tired old stigmas away in the world of dolls.  So that we can enjoy them freed of the tired old stereotypes that have lingered around for far too long!

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