At Sex Doll Australia we are often inspired by customers that take stunning pics of our dolls they have received. We now have a dedicated area ‘SDA Community Arts’ here where we can showcase these wonderful works. 

In todays edition we introduce Kayla Luna! 

Sexy all the way and great use of lighting and colours. Kayla Luna’s work doesnt just entail great photography of our sexy ladies but also a collection of AI inspired works which you can find on their instagram account. All models you see on their page have Sex Doll Australia doll heads placed on the models. It is truly amazing to see especially with movement!   

Scroll down to learn more about Kayla Luna and also check out the gallery below. 

Sex Doll Australia Kayla Luna

These are just a small handful of his great work. For more pictures and videos please check out:

Instagram page: kya.luna

Instagram page: kiara.luna

Instagram page: chloe.luna 

Instagram page: kayla.luna

You will also be able to view AI videos with his dolls face applied. So real and so sexy ! 

 At Sex Doll Australia we are always proud to show off our customers work and always looking to showcase and support them.

If you have some nice pics of your doll from Sex Doll Australia don’t be shy to share. 

All the best. SDA Team. 

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