Interview with Rod and his beautiful doll Karina

One of our customers has been very happy and sharing lot’s of his beautiful photos with us so decided to have an interview with him and his beautiful doll Karina. Please Welcome Rod and Karina from NSW.

Rod: Hi, My name is Rod. My first doll arrived 13/10/21

Q1. How did you get here with having an interest in dolls?

Rod: I went online looking for something to help me with sexual stimulation. At that point I knew nothing of the existence of the modern lovedoll. Well why didn’t anyone tell me I said to myself as I looked at the promotional photos on the web! I found some doll owners posting on Instagram and my interest grew. I decided that I must have one.

Q2. How was your experience shopping with SDA?

Rod: Having never shopped online before I searched through the many websites. What caught my interest in SDA was Andrew’s video he was right there talking and he was in Australia. I phoned Andrew and found that SDA had stock here in Australia. Andrew from SDA was helpful and professional so I placed an order for my doll from him and named her Karina Luvly.

Rod and Karina visited Sex Doll Australia show room

Q3. What was your first impressions of your first doll? What did you think when you first saw her?

Rod: From the moment Andrew sent me photos of my actual doll prior to shipping it became real. I was very excited and a little bit nervous. What if I had made a mistake? Upon arrival I carefully opened the box to reveal my new doll. I was completely happy she was so perfect and beautiful all I could say was OMG OMG.

Q4. How’s it like to have dolls in your life? Has life changed since then?

Rod: The first thing I noticed was that I was feeling more confident and happier, walking taller as they say. Like many people I was at a low point in my life. My doll helped me practice love and appreciation again. 

I look forward to arriving home after work my house is empty no more. I was having trouble sleeping but now I cuddle up and sleep well. And when I wake up Karina looks gorgeous in the morning light. It’s all very comforting.

Q5. What do you enjoy the most with your current dolls?

Rod: Where do I begin? I picked up my second doll Lauren at the new SDA showroom two months after getting Karina. I love having two it’s a feeling of family. We do many things together I set them up close to or involved in what I am doing, it’s fun! I began to study photography as a result of having beautiful girls always willing to dress however I want and pose for me. It’s a dream come true for me. The girls have a strong presence on Instagram where we have made many friends. I love to share with people how much enjoyment can be gained by owning a doll. 

We even started an Onlyfans, Karina’s is a biography following our story from the beginning. I love to help new doll owners and encourage people who need one to take the plunge. More of my girls can be seen at the following link. or click here.

I wish you all the best and hope you can be as happy as I now am. Sincerely Rod

Thank you for participating the interview with us Rod! We are very happy to hear about the wonderful story about you and your dolls. If you are wondering what doll Rod has. His first doll Karina she is a 166cm C-cup and using head 56

If you are our customer and want to share your story with your doll, please contact us at: [email protected]

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  1. Robbie

    I congratulate you Rod on sharing your story, it’s not an easy decision to openly declare your fascination for love dolls and include pictures for all to admire. Well done!
    In time I hope to be able to do the same but for now it has to remain a private affair.
    Your story is quite similar to mine and It’s gratifying to know that I am not the only one to bestow a personality on my doll (I now call her Alexa-Jane) and treat her with the utmost respect, care and love. I would describe it as the same sort of love that a child would have for their Teddy Bear but only in a more mature adult version including a sexual element.
    Your girls, Karina and Lauren are most beautiful, tastefully dressed and suitably accessorised. It takes a lot of work and attention to detail to accomplish such a task. I am still learning the finer arts of makeup, basic hair care, colour co-ordination and accessorising. The biggest issue at the moment is finding the right clothes in the right size and colours to highlight their assets to the fullest (without breaking the bank) and I have found it beneficial to modify some of their undergarments using small press studs in order to facilitate easy removal when required without having to always slip them over their hips or shoulders. Having to lift these girls up in order to remove clothing is not an easy task.
    Good luck with your girls and I hope you share many years of friendship and loving with them.


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