Interview with Alex and his amazing GYNOID

How did you get here having an interest in dolls?


I am not entirely sure where the fascination began. But I do know it was when I discovered Real Doll, in probably early 2000’s that really cemented my interest. I recall seeing them and being amazed at the quality, workmanship and that they were available to buy. I was mesmerised by the simple fact you have a beautiful model in your own home, I guess an accurate simulation of the real thing, that you could admire 24/7. Admittedly at the time the price tag was well out of reach and even in the times our AUS$ got to parity they were still out of touch and then there were the potential complications getting it through Australian Customs, it was way too hard and eventually not a priority as “normal life” got in the way.

Of course, that did not stop me from visiting the Real Doll site over the years and various others that I discovered on the way. I also found the “The Doll Forum” which is a bastion for those interested in dolls and everything to do with them, a very handy resource indeed.

How did you come to choose your lovely GYNOID?


I finally had the opportunity to owning a doll this year but was nervous about the process based on my previous knowledge (import taxes, shipping, and customs). Armed with this ‘knowledge’ I began doing research on the internet thinking I would end up disappointed and not being able to fulfill this dream once again.

Amazingly with one simple internet search my concerns were allayed and I was able to simply ‘shop’ and research the types of dolls now available. How things had changed, not only was the range more diverse but there were models of every type and budget!!

Tasked now with making the choice, I have always felt if I were going to buy doll, I would get the best quality I could get. I did initially look at Real doll but found the number of variables and lead times took that option out. This is when I came across “Gynoid”. I was struck by the innate realism in their dolls. There were subtle details that are not initially apparent (which you normally take for granted with a real person) that were built in by the team at Gynoid which set their dolls apart from the rest. These details help create one of THE most realistic simulations of a human that, at the time, was not present in other dolls that I had seen. As I did further research into Gynoid it was apparent that the quality of the dolls I was seeing was not just the work of clever lighting and camera work as I was viewing and reading information about them from various different resources. After some further research (good and bad) the choice to go ahead with Gynoid was clear. Of course, Andrew from Sex Doll Australia’s help was invaluable in making my choice easy and pain free.

What did you think when you first saw her?  

One of the first things, I thought about just before she arrived was, was I going to regret getting her?  Which I believe does happen.  So, to get that out of the way I did not then and do not now.

The first time I saw her (out of the box and head on) I can honestly say I was amazed.  Photos DO NOT do these dolls justice.  As stated earlier the subtleties that go into making this doll are amazing.  Nothing is overt.  The veining throughout her body, hands, legs, and feet are eery.  The hands have individual joints (as do her feet) and the texture of her palms and fingers feel real.  If the body were warm you could not tell the difference to a real person in my opinion.  To say this doll is accurate simulation, would be an understatement.  

Did you get the ‘uncanny valley’ feeling?

Not in a bad way, if that makes sense. Due to the way this doll has been made; she looks beautiful, not creepy. To me anyway. For the first week, whenever I left the room she was in, I freaked myself out a few times, thinking there was an actual person sitting in the room. Often when carrying or moving her around I might bump her, and I find myself apologising to her!!

As I said before this doll is the perfect simulation of the real thing, more positives than negatives!

What is your top 3 favourite looks for her when doing photo shoots?


That is a hard question. As she looks great at any angle! Trust me I know, as I have shot well over 500 photos of her in the short time since she arrived! If I was to pick 3, it would be her initial photo shot of her dressed in white (which was an homage to the original Gynoid photo on their website), the second is “boudoir” shot with red lingerie and finally as her cosplaying Motoko Kusanagi. However, these will change as I keep taking more photos of her as she is a truly versatile “model” utilising different wigs and outfits! Thanks SDA, from Alex.

Alex, on behalf of Sex Doll Australia, we want to say thank you for choosing us and want to say your GYNOID looks amazing. Congrats!

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