How to Choose the Right Sex Doll

Tips on find the right doll for you

With so many choices and so many dolls on Sex Doll Australia, we thought it would be helpful to provide 2022 buyers guide on choosing sex dolls.

Below are 3 tips and tricks on finding the right doll.

  1. Choose the Body First

Rather than get caught up in heads and combos sets it is always best to dash that out of your mind and focus on what body you like. Once you have settled on your favourite body then consider the head this way you can manage it separately. Remember the heads are interchangeable so if you see the body you like but not the head paired then you can always get us to change the head making the doll exactly what you want. For the in stock purchases, you will know what heads we have left as they would be advertised in the in stock section. If you see it on another body its fine, we can change it over to suit your needs.

  1. Get Familiar with the Body types and Head numbers

You will be surprised how different the face can look with just a tweak of the make up or eye colour change or even the wig. The appearance can alter quite a lot. Some customers often think the dolls face is different and it’s a different head number but it is actually just a different look with that head so it is a good idea to get familiar with the head numbers. On the product page you can find the head numbers as displayed below circled in green.




  1. Ask us about the popular models

If you are in a bind with what you fancy then you can always can ask us which are the hottest sellers or even just the new sex dolls. Below is also a guide that outlines the most popular choices.

WM Dolls most popular dolls for 2022

Click name to open

Sonya X

Zelex Doll most popular dolls for 2022


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