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Dolls are a beauty to behold, as our community knows – and at Sex Doll Australia we can only hope that more showroom spaces open in the future locally so we get to see dolls in person.  What better environment for that than a café, where one can relax while appreciating premium adult dolls?

Well, the world of dolls is evidently expanding – as the world’s first doll café, MITICA, opened in Taiwan last year.  We reached out to the owners of MITICA for a conversation about their passion and their foundling business.

Head to the industrial precinct of Taichung City, in the bustling western side of central Taiwan, to find Mitica – in a disarmingly well-lit, sophisticated and open environment.  This is every bit the genuine, premium café, and it’s appealing to a cosmopolitan young market just as much as our doll community.

It’s really encouraging to see adult dolls used in a stylish, tasteful manner such as this.  Most of the dolls in MITICA are dressed up in maid costumes, so obviously, comparisons to the maid cafes so popular around Asia come to mind.  However, it’s rare to see a maid cafes with a bright frontage on a big, bustling streets, out in the open, like MITICA is!

We asked the staff at MITICA, who translated for us on behalf of the owners, about what inspired the cafe.


SDA: What made you decide to open a doll cafe like this? How long have you been operating your cafe?

MITICA: Our owners wanted to provide a place where guests can experience companionship with life-like dolls.  In addition, MITICA coffee shop is also a playground for doll owners.

And it’s true – play’s allowed!  Customers are encouraged to see and touch the dolls on display.  They’ve got high-end brands from across the spectrum

SDA: Which Sex Doll brands do you deal with? Also which doll (brand) is most popular in your café?

MITICA: Our café’s owner is a dealer in many premium brands of Chinese-made doll brands. The most popular brands are SinoDoll, JYDOLL and Gynoid.

This is a shop that takes its dolls seriously!  From EX Doll (DS Doll), Gynoid, Sino Doll, TAYU, Elsa Babe, JYDOLL and more, MITICA features a large range of dolls.

While we’re encouraged about the embrace of doll culture in Taiwan, we’re not naïve to the difficulty that progressive doll businesses have in dealing with outdated, conservative views on our community.  We asked MITICA about whether they’ve had difficulties with Taichung City authorities or complaints.

SDA: I can see your cafe is popular with men and women of all ages and people are well accepted about the concept of this cafe. However, have you ever received any negative or discriminatory responses from conservative people?

MITICA: The owner (the cafe) has been reported by conservative neighbours.  Government officials have consequently visited the coffee shop several times.  But there is no law or regulation against life-like silicone dolls to be displayed publicly, so they can’t find any issue with MITICA.

That’s a relief for us, because we’re so glad that places like MITICA are starting to appear.  They’re trailblazers, but we have a feeling they won’t be the last to do this.

Enter into MITICA and you’ll find a big cross-section of the community inside – families, women and men all visiting, of all age ranges.  We mentioned maid cafes earlier as a point of comparison – but those businesses can sometimes have quite average food and drink on offer.  What we’re surprised to find with MITICA is that their café fare is genuinely high-quality.  Lovers of good coffee are catered to here just as well as lovers of premium dolls!  This is what’s attracting such a broad range of the local community to MITICA.

SDA: What can customers experience in MITICA?

MITICA: Guests are able to see the newest dolls and even play video games.  MITICA coffee shop provides a romantic atmosphere, and we even do live music twice a week!

The high-quality food, incredible dolls, attractive café environment and live entertainment fare is drawing in a returning loyal crowd, so MITICA is going from strength to strength.  We hope that this is a lesson for entrepreneurs and leaders in the doll community worldwide – if you build environments like this, the community will come!  We can’t wait to get to MITICA to experience it for ourselves.

You can do it to: find out MITICA’s location here, and if you’re ever in Taiwan, make it your first stop!

You can also find their YouTube video from here.


And remember Sex Doll Australia now has show room: if you’re ever in Victoria and you’re looking for a doll, you can book an appointment to come along and see Sex Doll Australia’s premium adult doll range.  We’re located in Lynbrook, and we’d love to have the doll community along to see us!  Contact us for more information.

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