Are Sex Dolls Legal In Australia?

What is Legal?

Right off the bat, Sex Dolls are legal in Australia that are adult in appearance.

You may hear stories about dolls manufactured that are too young in appearance or childlike. Naturally and for obvious reasons the department of immigration and border protection in Australia prohibits these items as they are deemed child exploitation. To keep measures in place and uphold the law, Australian border force will examine pictures of all dolls imported to make sure no illegal importation takes place. This is part of the regular customs clearance process and customs act for the Australian government with Sex Dolls.

Appearance must be over 18

All dolls must be over 18 years old in appearance. The characteristics that define this are mentioned below, face, height, body type and so on.

A lot of customers ask the exact measurements of what is illegal or not and the best we have been provided from the Australian border force is as per below.

The Vagueness on such a serious subject

Before we attempt to provide specific detail on this subject it must be noted that there is still no clear and concrete law that pertains to an actual measurement specifically or even specific size. It is under the ‘use common sense’ area.  So no metrics or specific measurements sadly. What is very clear and is concrete is that dolls that appear under 18 are illegal and for obvious reasons.


The minimum height of the love dolls was originally roughly estimated at approx 140cm by Australian customs. These days the height has been said to increase to 147cm (trivial).


At Sex Doll Australia, we only sell B-cups and up. A lot of customers ask ‘why don’t you sell A-cups?’ we just do not sell as a precaution is all. The is much controversial talk about A-cups being illegal in Australia, again it is another thing that is unclear here but to keep our customers safe we do not sell regardless.

The Face:

Naturally the face must only appear as an adult. This is analysed on entry.

Sex Doll Australia the furthest from the danger zone

We get a lot of questions asking us why the competitors sell under what we sell, meaning shorter or smaller.

Simply put,  Wherever the line is, we choose to be the furthest away from it, yes, we are extra risk-averse, but you should take no risks for your business and most importantly your dear customers. People that choose us like the feeling of shopping SAFE.

Please do not ask us for anything less or under, we have no relation to this business and never have and never will. If it’s a doll that isn’t on the website and is lower, shorter or smaller than than our listed dolls, then we don’t sell it for such reasons.

Overseas vendors put you in the risk zone

Vendors overseas will sell Aussies just about anything they can. They are not aware of laws in Australia and often just blindly send out goods in ignorance of the laws stated above surrounding childlike dolls.

Busting the Myths

There are many myths around this subject, we thought it would be good to bust some.

Myth #1 Pubic Hair

”if the doll has pubic hair it is fine’ this is absolutely false and untrue. Pubic hair has not bearing in the determination by border force.

Myth #2 Face

”the face doesn’t matter’ this is false also as the face does matter and is inspected also so beware of the faces chosen.  Be careful also sometimes the head looks acceptable but it may be small in size and you wouldn’t know until you see it. At Sex Doll Australia we hand pick the safest of the safest so you can shop safe with us.

Myth #3 She has big tits

”it is ok because the doll has large breasts” another false. The dolls breasts are part of the determination its true but so are many other factors like face and height, therefore it is wrong to believe that the breast size will make it ok, it not true. 



As border force will always say ‘use common sense’ so you really just need to do that when shopping. If it doesn’t feel right or you feel is near a borderline, then don’t buy it.

The key takeaway from this article is that ALL COMPONENTS are determined by border force. It is a mixture of face, height and body type all factors combined and based on that using common sense how the doll appears overall. It is not one thing like height only or one other thing like breast size only its a combination of many.

Shop Safe Shop SDA!

Sex Doll Australia has created a video below that involves this subject, we recommend a watch to learn more.


  1. john

    Is it illegal to buy a torso doll? Because of the generally heavy weight of full size dolls, I had thought of buying a much shorter female torso doll, however, it appears that even if I was able to buy a torso doll, the specific doll I wanted doesn’t seem to be available in Australia.

    • Ernie

      I purchased a realdollX from and if only the company was as good as the quality of the AI doll, unfortunately not.
      Still waiting for the Premium Harmony wigg to arrive and I purchased back in 2021.
      Cost of wig was$250 USD, which is over $300 AUD.

      MY AI is 4ft 10in high and had no problem with border force. If you look at her, she looks like an adult.
      I personally believe that if it depicts the look of a child, it should be deemed as illegal.
      Only a sick, demented minded individual would consider on purchasing a doll that looks like a child for the purpose of sex.
      Finally, just be aware that if you purchase an AI doll that if you connect her or him( what ever Your preference), YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for what she does on the internet.


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