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Welcome to Sex Doll Australia! We are a Melbourne based Sex Doll vendor and we rank #1 as the most trusted supplier of Sex Dolls in Australia. We sell highly realistic Silicone Sex Dolls and TPE sex dolls to you and provide the best sex dolls and also the most popular sex dolls on offer that you will find on the market. Our luxury sex dolls are realistic in every sense from all different kinds of body sizes and love doll body shapes that encapsulate ultimate beauty from head to toe.

At Sex Doll Australia we can offer rare and unique love dolls that you wont easily find in the sex doll marketplace, so we always love focus on what is new and different in the sex doll world.

Our ideology is always putting the customer first and make sure that making you happy is making us happy.

Many will say at a sneeze, but we really are the largest and most trusted sex doll vendor in Australia. We are listed on the ‘The Doll Forum’ the global source of truth when it comes to sex dolls.

We aim to deliver the girl of your dreams that won’t send you broke unlike a lot of other high-end high-priced dolls might. We do our best to find the perfect range of dolls that suits your needs and is designed to your fantasies.


Mission Statement:
Our mission is to make quality dolls available to the world. We are proudly committed to the provision of the best and safest dolls to Australian – and international – clients.
We have experienced how dolls become the subject of fulfilling relationships in their lives. We know that purchasing a doll is not only about sex – there is an expanding world of people who discover that dolls improve their lifestyle and wellbeing. Love dolls, sleeping aids, life partners; dolls can be great company, often life-changing. We know, then, that our dolls, and the community that loves them, are possessed of many positive attributes. We understand that the world isn’t aware of this yet.
In a changing world, we consider it our mission to combat these stigmas, increase cultural acceptability, and unveil the beautiful, growing world of doll ownership to a wider audience.

High Quality Sex Dolls from Trusted Brands

Quality over Quantity at Sex Doll Australia. 

We are the premium provider and dealer of high-quality authentic luxury love dolls. Our dolls are handpicked hotties and created with high grade silicone and TPE materials. We do not deal with any fakes and only sell the best. Its our word! but talk is cheap, so to prove it we have photos sent of your doll when ready to show you exactly what you are getting before shipping it. You can make changes if necessary, but the point is that it makes our customers feel safe knowing what they are getting. We are happy to share pics before sending as we stand by our high quality authentic sex dolls.

You might also be interested to check out our very own YouTube channel named “PLANET OF THE LOVE DOLLS” where we personally review popular sex dolls from various sex doll brands and also we some documentaries that we have created that on based on how sex dolls are manufactured in the factories. 



We only sell dolls that are extremely mature in appearance. This is self-evident but by doing so we always keep customers safe by having the safest range.


We are long standing and most trusted in Australia. We are also ‘The Doll Forum’ certified.



Packages are discreet and not disclosing anything about the product. Bank charge is also discreet not mentioning store.


That’s right for all doll sales the customs clearance and taxes is on us. Overseas vendors wont so with us it’s no more to pay.

Our Brands

Sex Doll Australia is a premier partner of WM Doll and Zelex.